Visual and audial stimulatio is supported in the modern browsers: Mozilla Firefox 3+, Internet Explorer 7+, Google Chrome 6+, Opera 9+.

For precise timing use modern Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Yandex, etc) or Firefox 30+, avoid all others and low performance devices like smartphones and tablets.

Known issues:

  • IE8 - no sound, - Disable "Defended mode" or add http://* to "Trusted Sites"
  • FF7 with some sound driver enchancers - relayed crunchy sound
  • Chrome <7, 10, 13. Due to bug sound plays only once. Partly exist in last versions, so we use workaround with static MIME.
  • FF 52+ changed ALSA media playback to pulseaudio. Info. Workaround.

Use audio test page to check your browser.


To export data into MATLAB click on the button on the results page. Then position cursor inside textarea with text and press Ctrl-A. Then copy into the clipboard with pressing Ctrl-C and paste in MATLAB command line window with Ctrl-V.

There you can use any math to analyse the data. To see histogram, for example, call histLPs(lps)


Real time logs are writed in TSV format.

Timer precision

Native precision of JavaScript on Windows:

  • FireFox - 8 ms or 1/128 s